Class Descriptions

For a complete weekly schedule of current class offerings, visit our class schedule page. Please review our studio dress code for proper attire to be worn in each class. For pricing info, please refer to our tuition & fees.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is an enriching first introduction to dance for 2 1/2 to 4 year olds. We empower our students’ imaginations in order to help them become dancing flowers, animals, snowflakes, and much more. We teach the concepts of right and left and include them in every class. Students learn to work as a group as well as perform exercises solo, building both teamwork skills and self-confidence. We use fanciful props to help reinforce our concepts and make performances super fun! At the end of each class, students are given 5 minutes of “free dance” time to express themselves and foster their own personal love for dance.


Our Pre-Ballet class is a delightful introduction to the beginning elements of Ballet study for 4 1/2 to 6 year olds. Students are introduced to the Ballet barre, where they learn very basic positions and exercises. At this level we still incorporate creative imagery in our center exercises and build upon the fundamentals (emphasis on “fun”) established in Creative Movement. Props are used to reinforce concepts of right and left, movement flow and direction in conjunction with class themes. Students learn basic Ballet history and terminology, and are introduced to some of Ballet’s great stories such as The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty and more. Like Creative Movement, students are given 5 minutes of “free dance” time at the end of this class as well.


We offer 5 levels of Classical Ballet study. Each level is age appropriate and includes ballet history, terminology and anatomy. From the beginnings of Ballet 1 through Ballet 5, students are guided on a professional and positive path through daily barre and center exercises, each year building upon the concepts of the previous one. Our course of study is a proven, safe and graded method which produces dancers who are strong, confident, highly skilled and ready to take on whatever life has in store for them. Pointe is included, for those who desire this advanced level of study, beginning with our Ballet 4 level. Whether pursuing a high school or college dance program, a professional career, or just dancing for pure enjoyment, our Ballet program is a high quality experience for every student.


Combining the genres of Ballet, Modern and Jazz, Contemporary has fast become one of the most popular dance styles of today. Shows like “So You Think You Can Dance?” have pushed Contemporary to the forefront, so it’s no surprise that this class has become one that our advanced students truly enjoy. We start with a center warm up which may be done standing, lying flat, or a combination of both. We then move through centered and off centered exercises across the floor, while expanding on the concepts of movement and choreography.  The class is fast-paced, challenging and features today’s chart-topping music. No songs with inappropriate language or themes are permitted in our studio.


From Broadway to today, Jazz is a fun, fast-moving genre that stresses rhythm and coordination. Students in our Jazz class learn the style’s history, terminology and anatomy. We start with a barre or center warm up, move through center isolations, contractions and combinations, and progress to fast-moving jump combinations across the floor. Jazz develops stamina, focus, balance and agility. This class is a great pre-requisite for those who wish to take our high energy Contemporary class in the future.


Our Tap program is for beginning to intermediate students. We offer Beginner Tap in a half hour class for young students, and Beginner to Junior Tap in a one hour class for older students. Students in our Tap classes learn the style’s history, terminology and anatomy. While many Tap concepts are taught initially at the barre, the majority of the class is taught in center and free space. This class is lively, filled with rhythm and syncopation, and develops strength and coordination for students of all ages.


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